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The Wild Life
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5.0 The Wild Life

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The Wild Life

Imdb Code: 0088402

Year: 2016

Category: Action & Adventure , Animation , Comedy

Release date: 2016-09-09

Director: StudioCanal

Cast(s): Ben Stassen , Vincent Kesteloot

Character(s): Ben Stassen , Vincent Kesteloot

Age restriction: 13

From the over-exuberant parrot Mak to the snack-obsessed tapir Rosie, from the persnickety echidna Epi to the acrobatic pangolin Pango, from the ditzy goat Scrubby to the commonsensical kingfisher Kiki and the always-cool chameleon Carmello, things are larger-than-life on a tropical isle that is pure wild animal paradise. Then Robinson Crusoe, a marooned human, arrives in the midst of a furious storm, and their lives are forever changed by this bewildering new "creature." No matter their differences, castaway human and quirky animals embark on an hilarious new adventure, building the island's first tree-house and surviving together. But when two conniving members of the animal kingdom - the savage cats Mal & May - pounce into a battle for control of the island, Crusoe and his animal posse must uncover the true power of friendship against all odds (even savage cats).

Last 19 Comments About The Wild Life Movie

  • Stephanie Merry Washington Post
    Stephanie Merry / 10, 09 2017 / Washington Post

    It's no great shock when a movie based on a beloved book falls short of the original, but few fail as confoundingly as "The Wild Life."

  • Jordan Mintzer Hollywood Reporter
    Jordan Mintzer / 10, 31 2017 / Hollywood Reporter

    An impressively made if highly juvenile version of a literary classic.

  • Adam Graham Detroit News
    Adam Graham / 10, 09 2017 / Detroit News

    "The Wild Life" is an import from Belgium that should have been left at customs.

  • Jody Mitori St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    Jody Mitori / 10, 08 2017 / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    It's like the generic version of a Disney movie.

  • Claudia Puig TheWrap
    Claudia Puig / 10, 08 2017 / TheWrap

    A dull, uninspired and frantically tedious animated re-telling of the Robinson Crusoe story, complete with a menagerie of ditzy, caterwauling beasts. Consequently, this cacophonous misfire feels a good deal longer than its 91-minute running time.

  • Peter Debruge Variety
    Peter Debruge / 10, 27 2017 / Variety

    Whether dangling characters off the edge of a cliff or zooming around Crusoe's rickety wooden waterslide, the story is constantly on the go, launching objects and characters along the Z axis - and out over the audiences' heads.

  • Helen T. Verongos New York Times
    Helen T. Verongos / 10, 08 2017 / New York Times

    "The Wild Life" is pretty to look at, with its skies and ocean, calm or stormy, and it has a driving soundtrack. But the story lacks that extra layer of complexity and meaning that parents can appreciate.

  • Sara Stewart New York Post
    Sara Stewart / 10, 08 2017 / New York Post

    Belgians may have bragging rights on waffles, but judging from "The Wild Life," their animated fare needs help.

  • Sheila O'Malley
    Sheila O'Malley / 10, 09 2017 /

    There's always a lot to look at. The script is so-so, but the total lack of snark and cynicism in the film is refreshing.

  • Anita Gates New York Times
    Anita Gates / 10, 03 2017 / New York Times

    The burning question is why Mr. Hyde's story has never been made into a feature film.

  • Soren Anderson Seattle Times
    Soren Anderson / 10, 08 2017 / Seattle Times

    All things considered, this pitifully plotted Belgian-French production represents the nadir of animated movies released so far this year, a farrago of frantic action and mindless cacophony.

  • Tom Russo Boston Globe
    Tom Russo / 10, 08 2017 / Boston Globe

    The animators are clearly trying to craft something bubbly, but they misguidedly go all in on imitating the contemporary Disney model - or DreamWorks', at least - rather than offering anything different.

  • Rafer Guzman Newsday
    Rafer Guzman / 10, 08 2017 / Newsday

    A confused, charmless take on the Robinson Crusoe story.

  • Raakhee Mirchandani New York Daily News
    Raakhee Mirchandani / 10, 13 2017 / New York Daily News

    Kids might be amused, but adults will find the jokes weak, the narrative bleak and little to pass the time between animal chase scenes.

  • Chris Packham Village Voice
    Chris Packham / 10, 01 2017 / Village Voice

    Through photos and family lore, but mostly through Dayton's own eloquence, Mitchell assembles a biographical portrait that's inspiring in the best possible way.

  • Ignatiy Vishnevetsky AV Club
    Ignatiy Vishnevetsky / 10, 08 2017 / AV Club

    The sort of uninspired international pre-sales item that usually goes straight from a basement booth at the Cannes film market to a Netflix parent's peripheral vision.

  • Christy Lemire
    Christy Lemire / 10, 04 2017 /

    Pacing can be painfully languid, to the point of being nap-inducing.

  • Andrew Parker Globe and Mail
    Andrew Parker / 10, 09 2017 / Globe and Mail

    Has a handful of novel 3-D effects, lots of bright colours, competent animation and little else.

  • Michael Ordona San Francisco Chronicle
    Michael Ordona / 10, 08 2017 / San Francisco Chronicle

    It exists in the kids-only zone where parents go to pay for their sins or, hopefully, get a nap.


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