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5.0 Entourage

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Entourage," the much-anticipated big-screen version of the award-winning hit HBO series, reunites the show's original cast, led by Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven. Movie star Vincent Chase (Grenier), together with his boys, Eric (Connolly), Turtle (Ferrara) and Johnny (Dillon), are back.and back in business with super agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold (Piven). Some of their ambitions have changed, but the bond between them remains strong as they navigate the capricious and often cutthroat world of Hollywood.

Last 50 Comments About Entourage Movie

  • Scott Foundas Variety
    Scott Foundas / 8, 15 2017 / Variety

    A lazy and listless buddy-cop action-comedy that fades from memory as quickly as its generic title.

  • Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune
    Michael Phillips / 8, 02 2017 / Chicago Tribune

    Devoted fans of the HBO series (2004-2011) will find it passably engaging, and newcomers will likely stare at the inside-Hollywood tropes and panic attacks the way Nipper the RCA dog stared at the Victrola.

  • Linda Barnard Toronto Star
    Linda Barnard / 8, 02 2017 / Toronto Star

    To Ellin's credit, Entourage looks good and has liberal amounts of flash. But it is a fly trapped in amber, celebrating excess and male privilege in a sexist way that feels very old and decidedly out of step with the 2015 world.

  • Andrew Barker Variety
    Andrew Barker / 8, 02 2017 / Variety

    At no point does anyone involved with the film ever take this too seriously, and as long as one takes it in the same spirit, it's perfectly enjoyable.

  • Linda Barnard Toronto Star
    Linda Barnard / 8, 17 2017 / Toronto Star

    Shot in Romania and Turkey, the scenery is terrific and gives you something to watch other than this confusing mess. Johnny Blaze, you're just a candle in the wind, mate.

  • Richard Roeper Richard
    Richard Roeper / 8, 21 2017 / Richard

    This is a live-action cartoon.

  • Bilge Ebiri New York Magazine/Vulture
    Bilge Ebiri / 8, 17 2017 / New York Magazine/Vulture

    An Ice Cube and Kevin Hart comedy that will probably be in a Rite-Aid discount bin in about six months.

  • J. R. Jones Chicago Reader
    J. R. Jones / 8, 04 2017 / Chicago Reader

    After a while, you expect a tale of the movie business to tell you something about the movies as well as the business, but Ellin and company have never had anything to say about that.

  • Neil Genzlinger New York Times
    Neil Genzlinger / 8, 17 2017 / New York Times

    The film, though, has some redeeming qualities, including the presence of Idris Elba as the obligatory good guy, who encourages Johnny to get Danny into the protective custody of a religious order.

  • Sandy Cohen Associated Press
    Sandy Cohen / 8, 02 2017 / Associated Press

    All the familiar characters are there, along with ostentatious mansions, convertible Ferraris, Los Angeles landmarks and those topless women. It's a celebration of idealized consumption, presented without criticism.

  • James Berardinelli ReelViews
    James Berardinelli / 8, 03 2017 / ReelViews

    There are some amusing moments but, like the TV series, Entourage is more interested in getting chuckles than guffaws. Maybe we should be thankful - at least the comedy isn't embarrassingly over-the-top.

  • Lara Zarum Village Voice
    Lara Zarum / 8, 02 2017 / Village Voice

    It's a shame none of the women develop past sketches of angry girlfriends and no-name one-night-stands. Sexist, sure, but also a failure of imagination.

  • Scott Bowles USA Today
    Scott Bowles / 8, 16 2017 / USA Today

    [Hart] gives Ride just enough buoyancy to keep it afloat, despite a story that would sink most performances.

  • Nathan Rabin AV Club
    Nathan Rabin / 8, 17 2017 / AV Club

    At best, the Neveldine/Taylor team is capable of transforming ingeniously trashy premises into pop art, but here, they inherit a promisingly trashy franchise and fail to give it the allure and go-for-broke energy of superior trash.

  • Wesley Morris Grantland
    Wesley Morris / 8, 05 2017 / Grantland

    It lacks the will, mandate, and talent even to attempt filmed entertainment.

  • Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News
    Elizabeth Weitzman / 8, 18 2017 / New York Daily News

    Whether Cage is still paying off castles, appeasing the IRS, or rebuilding his comic book collection, it's clear he's decided, for now, to trade his talent for cold, hard cash.

  • Bilge Ebiri New York Magazine/Vulture
    Bilge Ebiri / 8, 17 2017 / New York Magazine/Vulture

    The bad news is that this sequel, which wants to wow us with its unrestrained, hyper-stylized, WTF-ness, is way too disposable for its own good.

  • Mark Olsen Los Angeles Times
    Mark Olsen / 8, 17 2017 / Los Angeles Times

    Like a laboratory experiment on how often a movie can spin from bad to good and back again.

  • Nick Pinkerton Village Voice
    Nick Pinkerton / 8, 17 2017 / Village Voice

    The standards of all involved are so obviously floorboard-high, there's not much to say after the lights come up other than one of Blaze's "one-liners": "So, that happened."

  • Adam Graham Detroit News
    Adam Graham / 8, 17 2017 / Detroit News

    [Most] of the movie is a wash of buddy cop cliches and double crosses that aren't worth the cocktail napkin they were jotted on.

  • Joe Williams St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    Joe Williams / 8, 16 2017 / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Kevin Hart hits the vicinity of humor with a few of his drive-by wisecracks, but the movie itself has nothing under the hood.

  • Alonso Duralde TheWrap
    Alonso Duralde / 8, 15 2017 / TheWrap

    Scene after scene of a sputtering Hart and a glowering Ice Cube, despite the fact that they were brilliantly funny in, respectively, Think Like a Man and Barbershop, their previous collaborations with director Tim Story.

  • Stephanie Merry Washington Post
    Stephanie Merry / 8, 16 2017 / Washington Post

    You might think of the movie as a long car trip you've taken many times before. The same old roadside attractions may not be exciting, but when you've got great company, who cares?

  • Ann Hornaday Washington Post
    Ann Hornaday / 8, 02 2017 / Washington Post

    As he did in the show, Ari single-handedly saves the movie version of Entourage from "Medellin"-scale disaster.

  • A.A. Dowd AV Club
    A.A. Dowd / 8, 02 2017 / AV Club

    Like its pay-cable inspiration, Entourage remains stubbornly, defiantly low-stakes.

  • Adam Markovitz Entertainment Weekly
    Adam Markovitz / 8, 17 2017 / Entertainment Weekly

    Like the first Ghost Rider movie, this one burns plenty of rubber trying to swerve around plot holes and thinly written characters.

  • Michael Sragow Orange County Register
    Michael Sragow / 8, 16 2017 / Orange County Register

    It's a particularly heartless, mindless and soulless example of the buddy movie - really more just a frenemy burlesque of a buddy movie.

  • Steven Rea Philadelphia Inquirer
    Steven Rea / 8, 03 2017 / Philadelphia Inquirer

    Let sleeping bros lie.

  • Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal
    Joe Morgenstern / 8, 16 2017 / Wall Street Journal

    Gives shoddiness a bad name.

  • Bilge Ebiri New York Magazine/Vulture
    Bilge Ebiri / 8, 04 2017 / New York Magazine/Vulture

    It's a bro-mage to itself.

  • Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune
    Michael Phillips / 8, 16 2017 / Chicago Tribune

    It'll probably be a hit: Audiences are getting precisely what they're promised.

  • Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle
    Mick LaSalle / 8, 02 2017 / San Francisco Chronicle

    Four years after its eight seasons as an HBO series, "Entourage" is back as a feature film, and the first thing that needs to be said is that you don't have to know the show to enjoy the movie.

  • Stephen Whitty Newark Star-Ledger
    Stephen Whitty / 8, 02 2017 / Newark Star-Ledger

    For a show that was all about seizing your moment, it may have missed its own.

  • James Berardinelli ReelViews
    James Berardinelli / 8, 17 2017 / ReelViews

    At its best, Ride Along is tolerable. At its worst, it borders on insulting.

  • Rafer Guzman Newsday
    Rafer Guzman / 8, 17 2017 / Newsday

    That mix of admirable restraint and unabashed pandering makes Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance a guilty pleasure, if not the most wholesome treat.

  • Ashley Clark Time Out
    Ashley Clark / 8, 25 2017 / Time Out

    Ride Along is saddled with an uninvolving plot, and largely content to coast on cop-movie cliches.

  • David Denby New Yorker
    David Denby / 8, 22 2017 / New Yorker

    Nothing in the movie makes sense, but I prefer to think that "Ride Along" is just a badly told joke, rather than an insult to its audience.

  • Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News
    Elizabeth Weitzman / 8, 16 2017 / New York Daily News

    If you're looking for brainless action, hop in. But if you're aiming any higher, you'll probably want to find another ride.

  • Sheri Linden Hollywood Reporter
    Sheri Linden / 8, 02 2017 / Hollywood Reporter

    From its look to its episodic rhythm, the movie plays like a compressed Season 9 - a season that has its moments but wouldn't rank among the show's finest.

  • Mark Olsen Los Angeles Times
    Mark Olsen / 8, 03 2017 / Los Angeles Times

    The movie has none of the fizz of the earliest of the series' eight seasons, and watching it summons that vague blank familiarity of discovering a show you used to watch is unexpectedly still on the air.

  • Justin Lowe Hollywood Reporter
    Justin Lowe / 8, 21 2017 / Hollywood Reporter

    Since the film's largely schematic subplot about Serbian gunrunners can't manage much in the way of originality, it's fortunate that Story knows his way around a comedy.

  • Peter Travers Rolling Stone
    Peter Travers / 8, 16 2017 / Rolling Stone

    Ride Along [is] a collection of moldy gags that director Tim Story tries to polish.

  • Betsy Sharkey Los Angeles Times
    Betsy Sharkey / 8, 16 2017 / Los Angeles Times

    Cube is solid as the impenetrable brick wall that Hart's comic barrage bounces off. Their odd-couple shtick delivers laughs. But more often than not "Ride Along" chokes on its own fumes.

  • Neil Genzlinger New York Times
    Neil Genzlinger / 8, 16 2017 / New York Times

    The plot twists are easily guessed, and the film goes on for one predicament too long, but there are some good laughs.

  • Peter Travers Rolling Stone
    Peter Travers / 8, 17 2017 / Rolling Stone

    One look at the dreadful mess that is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance will turn your whisper into a primal Cage scream: MAKE THIS MOVIE STOP!

  • Alonso Duralde TheWrap
    Alonso Duralde / 8, 17 2017 / TheWrap

    This is a movie about a flaming skeleton that rides a motorcycle - there's no excuse for it to be this dull.

  • Glenn Kenny MSN Movies
    Glenn Kenny / 8, 17 2017 / MSN Movies

    What more would one want? Well, actually, quite a bit, but this movie ain't got much more than that. Still, as noisesome entertainments go, it 'brings' that thing we sometimes call 'it.'

  • Chris Nashawaty Entertainment Weekly
    Chris Nashawaty / 8, 15 2017 / Entertainment Weekly

    Will it be enough to make Hart a household name? Maybe. But both he and his fans deserve better.

  • Connie Ogle Miami Herald
    Connie Ogle / 8, 20 2017 / Miami Herald

    Kevin Hart's mouth is the sole reason for the existence of the by-the-numbers buddy comedy Ride Along, which rises and falls on the strength of his chattery comic delivery.

  • Kyle Smith New York Post
    Kyle Smith / 8, 15 2017 / New York Post

    There's nothing much funny in it at all.


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