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5.0 Outlander

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Follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened. When she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate relationship is ignited that tears Claire's heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.Outlander is a British-American television drama series based on the historical time travel Outlander series of novels by Diana Gabaldon. Created by Ronald D. Moore and produced by Left Bank Pictures for Starz, the show began its first run of 16 episodes on August 9, 2014. On August 15, 2014, Starz renewed the series for a second season of at least 13 episodes, which will be based on Dragonfly in Amber, the second book in Gabaldon's series.Also Known As: Highland Saga

Last 12 Comments About Outlander Movie

  • Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald
    Rene Rodriguez / 10, 22 2017 / Miami Herald

    There isn't a single scene in this story about a traveler from another planet who crash-lands on Earth during the Iron Age that doesn't remind you of another, better movie.

  • Wesley Morris Boston Globe
    Wesley Morris / 10, 22 2017 / Boston Globe

    By taking nonsense seriously Outlander never achieves camp. It's a comic book that's mistaken itself for scripture.

  • Tom Keogh Seattle Times
    Tom Keogh / 10, 22 2017 / Seattle Times

    You can think about Outlander 16 different ways, and still arrive at the same conclusion: It just doesn't work.

  • Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel
    Roger Moore / 10, 21 2017 / Orlando Sentinel

    One of the more outlandish B-pictures to come out of the Great Movie Mash-up Machine known as The Weinstein Co.

  • Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times
    Roger Ebert / 10, 22 2017 / Chicago Sun-Times

    I am tempted to describe the plot of Outlander as preposterous, but a movie about an alien spaceship crashing into a Viking fjord during the Iron Age is likely to be preposterous.

  • Tasha Robinson AV Club
    Tasha Robinson / 10, 22 2017 / AV Club

    An odd mishmash of genres with too much message and musing to be propulsive, and too much cornball monster movie to take seriously. But while the blend may not satisfy fans of pure action or pure drama, at least it gives them both a new flavor to try.

  • Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle
    Mick LaSalle / 10, 23 2017 / San Francisco Chronicle

    In its second half, Outlander falls apart completely, becoming nothing but a violent, mindless monster movie along the lines of Alien vs. Predator.

  • Cary Darling Dallas Morning News
    Cary Darling / 10, 23 2017 / Dallas Morning News

    An unexpectedly enjoyable science-fiction adventure that should be generating louder fanboy buzz than it has so far.

  • Tom Long Detroit News
    Tom Long / 10, 23 2017 / Detroit News

    Outlander is a cheesy, low-budget, space alien Viking monster movie. And seemingly proud of it.

  • Tom Huddlestone Time Out
    Tom Huddlestone / 10, 24 2017 / Time Out

    Daft, obvious but hugely enjoyable, 'Outlander' is superior trash.

  • Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune
    Michael Phillips / 10, 23 2017 / Chicago Tribune

    In Outlander, the nuttiest hunk of junk in many months, Viking warriors and a stoic intergalactic traveler join forces to combat an enormous beetle with whiplash stingers.

  • Steven Rea Philadelphia Inquirer
    Steven Rea / 10, 22 2017 / Philadelphia Inquirer

    An enjoyably goofy hybrid of extraterrestrial sci-fi and Iron Age action.


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